iRestore Studio

iRestore Studio

The concept of iRestore-studio

iRestore Studio was created with the main purpose to help people restore their old / damaged printed photograph or any other artwork to get a decent print or digital souvenir. Along the way I found ways to be a better photo editor and I have also mastered photo manipulation which helped me make mindblowing edits for my clients.

Design for prints and webdesign are the two skills that i already have which also helped me make this beautiful website to offer my services to the world.

Photography & Designs
that you'll love

Restore your old / damaged photo or
build a new website has never been so easy..

Some pricing info


$ 100 as from
  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Engagement


$ 30 as from
  • Background removal
  • Face swapping
  • Retouching


$ 350 as from
  • New website
  • Refresh existing website
  • Edit part of existing website


$ 40 as from
  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • Business card

Frequently asked questions... (FAQs...)

What is the price of a photo session?

It all depends on the type of photoshoot you want, is it for a wedding, birthday, event, or just a portrait shoot. It also depends on the location and time required for the shoot. Each package is different so if you want a quote please contact me so we can get a customised package for your need.

How much time it takes to deliver photo after a photoshoot?

Normally you get a link to all your retouched photo to download within 2 days. If you want printed you get the printed copy within 4 days from the shooting day, whereas photobook may take a longer time

How much does a website cost?

Websites vary in different ways. informative, interactive, dynamic, blog type, vlog type, online store, and many more. When creating the project price will depend on complexity of the design and coding,
but the the yearly fee for renewal of domain + hosting is $60 / yr.
If you want a quote kindly contact me for a custom package

How long does it take to create a website?

First client confirms the website and agree on domain name and website type, then working on a design and get confirmation with client may take a week or more. When this is complete, final design and website is online within 3-4 days if all the texts and photos are made available by client.

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